Hi! My name is Elena Cone and am  fashion wedding photographer and owner of ECONE Photography Inc.  I am originally from Russia and moved here 12 years ago. About that time I also got passionate about photography and  decided to make it my profession. I think it was most important decision in my life. I am so happy I made it. Unlike most photographers now days I am actually  trained in traditional film photography as well as in digital manipulation. I know how to develop color and black and white film, print, dodge and burn… I studied Cyanotype and Platinum Palladium printing ( if anyone knows what it is.:)) I went to college for 5 year learning the art of Photography. I won a scholarship in my college and had three exhibits with my images in it. Funny enough I still own a film camera and I have film in my refrigerator.:))) ( probably not good any more after 9 years, but who knows:)

Over the years I developed a style that people recognize and I  am proud of it. I do beautiful glamour and fashion sessions that have a lonely, romantic feel to it. At the same time if I shoot a wedding I do it in photojournalists style and let my fun side show. We always have fun at my shoots and I am happy I can make my clients laugh.:)

I love traveling and shot weddings and clients in  Russia, Jamaica, France, Mexico, Turkey, Hawaii and all over the US.

Last year I was invited to be a featured photographer on WeTV channel for the show MY FAIR WEDDING WITH DAVID TUTERA. I shot two episodes with them and in the first one ” Dallas Divas” was  actually appearing on a show. It was quet an experience and was so fun to watch myself on TV!